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Producing of process equipment for food and chemical industry

34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
Dusana Djordjevica 122
Tel: +381 34/ 370-487
Fax: +38 34/376-537


About us...


Producing company “PAND” D.O.O. has began with work 1992. in Kragujevac, street: Dusana Djordjevica 122. Dinamical development and of long standing experience in area of producing machines for packing and also complete lines for food industry. U program product there is different types of fillers, packers, single machines and whole lines for producing various types of food products such as: cream-bananas, jelly candy, chocolate, hard and soft types of biscuites, euro cream, katchup, mayonesse, various types of juices etc.

Years back, we are exposers at “Novosadski sajam” (Novi Sad fair), diploma winners, and 2006. we have won silver medal for automatic line for filling and packing of yogurt into bottles. The very same line is boughted on the fair by diary plant fom Kikinda. Elseif, we have very positive cooperation with customers wide accros Serbia, Bosnia i Republic of Serbia.

Basic activity of firm “PAND” is: producing, reparing and servising in the very same areas.





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